Progress being made on development of Unfinished houses.

Mr Kenny said: “The 2012 National Housing Development Survey has been launched. This survey has been tracking the extent and condition of unfinished housing developments since 2010.

Among the key findings of this year’s survey are a decrease of 37% in the number of unfinished developments since 2010, and a 27% decrease in number of vacant units since 2010. The survey also finds that 296 developments effectively resolved in past 12 months. The past 12 months have seen nearly 300 housing developments resolved.

“The 2012 National Housing Development Survey shows that progress is being made when it comes to dealing with unfinished estates. A renewed focus by everyone involved, from local authorities, developers, lenders and residents, is working.

“Recent experience has demonstrated how a realistic approach to estate completion involving all stakeholders can deliver results. I think that taking that approach will be a major factor in getting more results in terms of dealing with unfinished estates. A part of this is recognising that some of these developments are never going to be rescued, for a variety of reasons. The most prudent course of action in relation in cases like that is to seek the agreement of owners/funders to clear the site and return it to some beneficial use.

“Taking in charge substantially completed developments has to be another priority. In the past two years more than 1,200 developments have been substantially completed. The next immediate priority is for developers, funders and local authorities to work together in finalising the process of having the developments taken in charge by the local authority. Other substantially complete developments, mainly apartment and multi-unit schemes, will be maintained by management companies controlled by residents. “In my own area of Dublin Bay North, remaining unfinished estates and unfinished estates are – Burnell Green & Wood, Northern Cross Belmayne Block P20, Belmayne Marrsfield, Clongriffin Milners Square, Shanowen Road 3 Waterfall Avenue, Off Richmond Road 21-29 Richmond Avenue, Fairview, D3 Fairview Close, Richmond Avenue.”


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