It’s green, It’s green, It’s gone. Construction begins.

Both good and bad news for the mixed parties involved in the construction of a 4.5m development for the elderly in Limerick City Centre.

Builders have pitched their tents in and around Vizes Field to start work on the second phase of a development which will see the building of 28 new houses.

The Injection of 4.5m into the construction industry is a welcome relief, rarely heard of in these current economic conditions.

It is also good news for the elderly, but it isn’t going down well with the local residence of the estate, as they are seeing one of the very few green spaces go.

The project is expected to be on going for several months.

The word the local residences are using to portray their anger are “Lied too”, “Ignored” and “Betrayed”.

The Vizues Court development has been on going since the 1970s and this is its second phase.

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